Energy & Healing – Refining Your Talent


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I created this programme, because I know how much I missed something like this when I was searching how to work with my energy. Every time I was helping someone else, I exhausted my energy and it took me hours to “come down to Earth” again. That was 40+ years ago. I have studied and learned a lot about energy and healing since then and I have helped hundreds of people and animals, unknowingly and knowingly.

With this programme I want to share my knowledge with you and give you the tools to help others and yourself to heal.

What you can expect from this programme:

Module 1


The first session will be an introduction, so that you get a clear picture of the journey you are embarking on.


Module 2

Sickness, Health and Balance

The second module will be all about

  • the origin of trauma and blockages
  • sickness, the cause and meaning of it
  • the six stages of sickness and healing
  • harmony and balance


Module 3

The Aura

In the third module you will learn about

  • the Aura
  • the Aura colors
  • the Aura layers


There will be some exercises to “see” and to get a “feel” of the Aura for you to start practicing.


Module 4

The Chakras

The fourth module will guide you through

  • the seven major Chakras in the body
  • the areas of the body the Chakras take care of
  • the Chakra colors and the combinations of colors


Module 5

The Hara Line and Source Star

In the fifth module we go a level deeper into the energy systems to learn about

  • the Hara Line
  • the three important energy centers on the Hara Line
  • the Source Star


Module 6

Your Goal as a Healer

In the sixth module you will learn about

  • the primary responsibilities as an Energy Healer
  • the importance of Spirit Guides
  • Energy Healing and reincarnation
  • Energy Healing and Karma
  • Traumas and blockages


Module 7

Interaction Cords and Diagnosis

In the seventh module you will learn

  • the significance of interaction cords and connections related to the Chakras
  • how to make a diagnosis using an anamnesis form
  • to work with a pendulum
  • communication skills as a therapist


Module 8

The Complete Treatment

In the eighth and last module you will learn

  • to protect yourself
  • how to prepare for a treatment session
  • the full treatment in 5 steps
  • to treat certain parts of the body as first aid


Included in this programme:

  • 8 Modules in weekly 1-on-1 Zoom sessions to deep dive into the energy systems of your body
  • A recording of every session to refer to the whole programme in the future
  • A handbook to complement the sessions
  • 8 Guided meditations
  • Packed with hands-on exercises to learn to channel the cosmic energy
  • My guidance and support!


If you do not have a pendulum yet, I would advice you to buy one. In my experience it is best to buy one in a shop if possible, because you can feel the energy and the connection you have with it.