Colors of the Soul Experience


Intuitive Energy Drawing session – Intuitive drawings are created from the heart and by tuning into the energy and feelings of the client, while using my intuition as a guide.


What exactly is the Colors of the Soul Experience and what can you expect from a session?

I make intuitive drawings by creating from my heart and tuning into your feelings. I get myself into a space of non-thinking so that I can feel your energy and then I begin to draw. Since art is intuitive, I create the drawing spontaneously without a plan. I work with chalks on paper and I randomly pick each colour without looking, by letting my intuition guide me. I go with the flow of ideas that naturally come to me. With this method, intuitive art is all about feeling rather than thinking.

In other words, I work by switching from the analytical left-brain and by tapping into the creative, intuitive potential of the right-brain. Intuition is the key to unlocking creative possibilities. Once I finished the drawing I look at the shapes and colours and get an uncensored overview of your energy, without the aid of any thought process. I will then give you an interpretation of the drawing and discuss it in depth with you.

The session will be recorded and once the session has ended I will email you the recording and the detailed interpretation with a picture of your drawing. It is possible to post the original drawing with handwritten interpretation to you, if you prefer.

Some people, who are on a discovery journey, choose to come back to me after a few months to see how their energy has changed and like to compare the first drawing with the second one. This is always good fun and very rewarding to see.

Some of my clients were blown away by their session and found that, a part from being a beautiful experience for them, it ended up giving them a deeper understanding of themselves and helped them finally see and resolve some of the issues that had been with them for a while.

Will you allow me to show you some clarity and help you take the first few steps towards your next adventure?

After ordering you will receive a confirmation with a link to book your session with me and see on which journey the drawing will take you on.