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What exactly is Intuitive Drawing and what can you expect from this experience?

I make intuitive drawings by creating from my heart and tuning into your feelings. I get myself into a space of non-thinking so that I can feel your energy and then I begin to draw. Since art is intuitive, I create the drawing spontaneously without a plan. I work with chalks on paper and I randomly pick each colour without looking, by letting my intuition guide me. I go with the flow of ideas that naturally come to me. With this method, intuitive art is all about feeling rather than thinking.

In other words, I work by switching from the analytical left-brain and by tapping into the creative, intuitive potential of the right-brain. Intuition is the key to unlocking creative possibilities. Once I finished the drawing I look at the shapes and colours and get an uncensored overview of your energy, without the aid of any thought process. I will then give you an interpretation of the drawing and discuss it in depth with you.

The session will be recorded and once the session has ended I will email you the recording and the detailed interpretation with a picture of your drawing. It is possible to post the original drawing with handwritten interpretation to you, if you prefer.

Some people, who are on a discovery journey, choose to come back to me after a few months to see how their energy has changed and like to compare the first drawing with the second one. This is always good fun and very rewarding to see.

My clients are blown away by their session and found that, a part from being a beautiful experience for them, it ended up giving them a deeper understanding of themselves and helped them finally see and resolve some of the issues that had been with them for a while.

Will you allow me to show you some clarity and help you take the first few steps towards your next adventure?

Book an experience with me and see on which journey the drawing will take you on.

In this 6 week programme I will teach you how trauma and illness affect the energy systems in our body and I will give you the knowledge and understanding on how you can start your healing journey. I will also give you exercises and meditations that you will be able to carry on using throughout your life, whenever needed.

This is a deep total body and energy systems programme, which will come with a thorough and complete workbook. Each week you will receive a chapter of it.

 The following are the subjects you will learn about every week:

1. Introduction

2. Sickness, Health and Balance

3. The Aura

4. The Chakras

5. Hara Line and Source Star

6. Guides and Interaction Cords

After the programme you will be able to: 

–     Use practical holistic tools that will help you through life 

–     Let go of negative thought patterns 

–     Become aware and feel your aura 

–     Release stress and tension 

–     Improve your relationship with the people around you 

–     Learn how to meditate 

–     Release negative emotions such as anger, fear, sadness and jealousy 

–     Activate your energy centres (chakras) 

–     Balance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies 

–     Increase your spiritual consciousness 


Is this course for you? 

This programme is excellent for beginners who want to learn about healing, meditation and the energy systems.

This programme can offer a new perspective to practising healers with very simple and powerful techniques.

Great programme for Reiki practitioners who want to expand their knowledge.

A guided visualisation or the use of guided imagery is a technique, where your mind is guided to a place of relaxation by focusing on your thoughts. These visualisations can help you to relax and let go of any tension and stress, you may have been withholding, or carrying throughout the day or for a period of time.

Through visualising a peaceful place in nature, or finding a sanctuary within yourself, physical health could also benefit. For instance positive effect on heart rate, breathing, relieve symptoms of stress and headaches.

Once your mind settles into a quiet state, your inner guidance system begins to nourish you, with renewed energy and hope, and when you become alert, you will feel ready to face the challenges, life brings in.

Your intuition will also improve, as a result of guided visualisations and you may find answers to questions, you have been unable to answer before.

So, what happens in a session?

In a typical session, you would be relaxing sitting or lying down in your own safe environment as the session will be online. It is important for you to be in a quiet space, where you cannot be disturbed for the duration of the session.

As you close your eyes, I will ground you and get you to focus on your breathing. As arranged prior to the session, we would have a discussion on the subject of the visualisation, and I will introduce you into a guided journey, tailor made for you.

The entire session can take from 30mins to an hour and I will gently bring you back to the present moment, by counting down. You will feel relaxed, and energised from the journey you have taken.

Within all of us, we have Inner Children hidden beneath our personalities, and when I do Inner Child work we make contact, listen to and communicate with, and nurture your Inner Child. You can then find and heal the roots of your issues as an adult.

This work will take the form of a dialogue with your Inner Child to feel in touch with him/her, and we will be sending healing to that particular event. This process will allow you some time to access repressed memories which are holding you back from feeling self-esteem and self-compassion.

When you reconnect with your Inner Child, you are able to rediscover your true self. The core roots of many of our issues and insecurities can be discovered through this process and resolved.

The entire process begins with a guided meditation where I will guide you to connect with your Inner Child. Then I will ask you questions to reveal the situation or circumstance which created the trauma or the issue you are struggling with.

The entire session can be up to 1,5 hour. Once the answers are revealed, we can begin to heal the Inner Child and bring harmony. This work can take one or more sessions depending on what you want to work on and how rooted the issue is.

Unlock your child’s full potential and help them build resilience and navigate life’s challenges with confidence.

‘IGNITE THEIR SPARKLE’ was born when I felt the need to connect to a deeper level with my 2 children in order for me to be able to help them learn to shine and allow them to see and find their full potential. Over the past fifteen years I have seen their struggles at school, with getting friends, at home and with themselves. I felt there was more I could have done to help them and that is why I started my quest that led me to the creation of this unique healing programme. Did you know that working on your Chakras will help you move past trauma and blockages?

ITS is for biological parents, adoptive parents and guardians of babies and young children up to the age of 7. It is also for expectant mothers and even for men and women who are thinking of becoming parents in the future.

So, what are the benefits of having your Chakras balanced?

-Feeling more at peace and energized

-Trust yourself and your judgement more

-Be able to handle things that life throws at you in a calmer fashion

-Higher self-esteem and self-confidence

-The ability to heal the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional issues you may face much faster

-Easier to accomplish deep sleep

All this will help you help your children to heal their issues and let them shine, giving them a strong foundation to live life in a happier and more balanced way. You will find that you will have a stronger connection with them too. In the case of very small babies or unborn babies or babies that haven’t been conceived yet, you will be able to give them the best start in life.

See below more detailed information on the programme and what you can expect from it:  

  • work closely with me for 8 weeks,
  • have weekly 1-on-1 Zoom sessions, where we will explore a different Chakra together and you will learn to clear and heal the Chakras by means of exercises we will do together, which you can do with your child too,
  • receive via email a chapter of the workbook that will complement our sessions every week,
  • receive a recording of every session, so that you can refer to the whole programme in the future and you can revisit it whenever you want,
  • have Messenger support on week days when necessary,
  • receive 4 guided meditations for you to download and keep,
  • receive a certificate of completion at the end of the programme.