Meet Erna

Hi, my name is Erna Bekkering.

As long as I can remember people and animals have been attracted to me. I calmed them down, comforted them and I intuitively knew how to take care of them. That is just who I was, but sometimes I boiled over. When I was younger that resulted in outbursts of temper and the occasional physical fight. I would be the first to throw a punch, especially when I felt that something was unfair or to defend an animal or a smaller child.

My first conscious attempts at realigning energy when I was 8 or 9 years old drained me completely. Years went past before I found a mentor who finally trained me on how to use the energy to help myself and other people, without taking a toll on my health.

After that I was so sure I could protect myself and my energy, but in 2018 I leaned another lesson when I realized I was very close to a burnout. 

At the beginning I was just confused and I didn’t want to believe it. I am an intuitive healer and I know exactly what to do to protect myself. Me, being a spiritual advisor… how on earth did I let this happen to me?

It was actually very simple. It happened because I was always taking care of everybody around me, but I was not taking care of MYSELF. 

Something needed to change in me and that desire was almost consuming me. This set back helped me to shift my energy and I started seeking my true calling, the path that would fulfil my life desires.

Finding my true path and walking the walk

This healing journey of mine started with seeking anything that had to do with my energy and raising my vibrations. On the way I came upon Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™). This opened up a whole new, different world and it resonated with me so much. The method of hypnotherapy RTT™ uses, gave me yet another tool to help people to transform their lives for the better, one where I could give people freedom from issues that were hindering and limiting their lives and freedom from their old beliefs that claimed their lives for years.

It doesn’t stop there, because I am learning and growing every day. I also learn so much from every single client as we are all beautiful individuals.

I love combining hypnotherapy with energy and healing to help people. Every person is unique and I always adapt my work to each of my clients. I love the feeling of getting to know them as a person and not just as a number.

I am in love with energy and its infinite possibilities. Now I am expanding my knowledge and practice of energy, Aura and Chakras. The impact my healing sessions and programmes have is wonderful to watch and so fulfilling as I love helping people and working with them.

What I wish for everybody is to be able to heal from the inside out, using the energy that is in and around us.