Have you ever really looked at a cat? The way they hold themselves? If there is one creature full of self-confidence, look no further. A cat does what a cat wants, isn’t that what they say? What is it that makes them so confident? My guess is, they don’t compromise. They are who they are and they are unapologetic about it.

How does that work for us humans? Most of us are not overly confident or have a high self-esteem. What is it that makes us feel insecure, with low confidence or low self-esteem? The what has a lot to do with the fear of being judged. Being judged happens the second we are born into this world. We are examined by the doctor or midwife before we are given to our mother; is everything alright?, do we have all 10 fingers and toes?, are we a boy or a girl?, how do we look? The list goes on and on. Next are our parents, brothers and/or sisters if we have any, our grandparents. Everybody wants to have a look and give their opinion.

When we are little we are usually judged favorably, because we are so cute and innocent. Nobody will say that we are an ugly baby, that we have puffy legs or that we have bad breath. And what’s more, we love the attention! As a baby we just have to scream and we are fed or our nappy is changed. Everybody in the house will notice we are there. Our confidence and self-esteem are high. Everything we do is a first, which is very exciting. Not only for ourselves but also for those around us. At some point though, the older we get, there is bound to be a change. The attention we ask to show what we can do or found out, is just that, asking attention. It might not be a good time, our parents, teachers, friends are not in the mood or they think we are ridiculous or stupid. It gradually creeps in, but sometimes it kicks in hard. All that confidence we had as a baby fades away with the years.

For me it was no different. The feeling of not being good enough to help people, not being confident enough about who I am and my abilities. I have always had a desire to help people heal themselves and even when I knew I could, I didn’t. Just because of this lack of confidence. Finding Rapid Transformational Therapy was the best that happened to me a few years ago. RTT gave me an understanding of the beliefs I had formed around my self-confidence and self-esteem.

During the session we went back to three seperate events and daisychained them together, going to the root of my lack of confidence. I came to understand that the beliefs I held were made by my younger self and that they were absolutely valid at that time in my life. I am an adult now, so I don’t need to hold on to those beliefs any longer and that is what RTT did for me…. It set me free. That doesn’t mean, that I did not have to put in any work to change. Having the understanding and following through are two different things. It is all too easy to fall back in the old beliefs one has. Research shows that it takes about 21 days before new beliefs and habits take hold in your life. So in order to be really free I listened to a custom made audio.

Now, like a cat, I can be unapologetic about who I am and what I do. I am enough, I am free and I see it as my mission to help and coach people to become free of their limiting beliefs around self-confidence and self-esteem using RTT, because we are all worth to shine and thrive.