Let me help you embrace the confidence you were born with!

Erna Bekkering
Soul & Confidence Coach

Are you ready for the change?

In your mind you walk up on that stage and deliver a great presentation or speech. You know that you are perfect for that job, it has your name written all over it. The reality however, can be very different: you freeze, stumble, forget your words or get sick every time you need to speak in public. You suck at interviews and never seem to be able to get that job you really want, only to have to settle for less.

Do you want to reclaim the confidence you were born with?

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What our clients say

When Erna told me about her practice and what she was doing I was curious to see if she could help me. I was drowning in my own chaos and my memory was a disaster.

During the session I felt safe and completely at ease. It was as if doors were opened and Erna was there to guide me skillfully and lovingly all the way. The effects where immediate for which I am very grateful. Listening to the personalized audio Erna made for me for 21 days as instructed, consolidated those effects. As did her support and coaching afterwards.

 I can highly recommend a session with Erna!

Mona Soufivand

Understanding is power. 

Even more powerful, it is about resolving past events and creating the future.

I embarked on the journey seeking the truthful self and peace of mind, hoping to wave goodbye to my lifelong fears. I am thankful to have Erna accompanied, guided, and supported me all along.

The conversation led by Erna helped me recognize the events that prevented me from seeing my genuine qualities. I have discovered the inner strength to embrace and nourish my complete self. For me, it has been the most introspective, intriguing, and freeing experience. 

Stella Lyu

Is this you?

I look confident on the outside only, on the inside I doubt myself.

Sometimes I feel angry with myself, because I should be doing better and I don't.

It feels like I am not good enough.

It feels like I am stuck in a loop and I don't know where to start to get out.

Just the idea that I will most probably disappoint my loved ones gives me anxiety and keeps me from doing what I want.

I feel like a fraud sometimes and fear that people will find out.

I keep trying to be confident, but it is not so easy.

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