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I specialise in guiding and supporting clients through the processes of change and growth.

In an emotional and psychological sense, this means a reduction in stress, anxiety and uncertainty.

In a spiritual sense this means increased awareness of oneself and a more loving inclusion of all parts. There comes an expansion of understanding, wisdom and compassion and a dissolving of the fears that prevent our flowing with life.

In a physical sense this means the reduction of muscular tension, pain and fatigue. There is a growth of respect and kindness for one’s body and its needs.

I love working with adults and young children. I combine many different approaches and techniques when working with clients, a style developed over many years.

To find out more about my Services and Programmes, please click on the Tab named Erna’s Services and do not hesitate to contact me for a friendly chat if you have any questions or if you need more information.

It is my philosophy that cultivating and developing a peaceful, safe and welcoming space encourages transformation, connectedness and well-being for my clients.

My name is Erna Bekkering and my vision is that with my commitment my clients will leave with a smile to live their life with confidence and purpose.

Here's what our clients say:

Mona Soufivand

I was drowning in my own chaos and my memory was a disaster. During the session I felt safe and completely at ease. It was as if doors were opened and Erna was there to guide me skillfully and lovingly all the way. The effects where immediate for which I am very grateful. Listening to the personalized audio Erna made for me consolidated those effects. As did her support and coaching afterwards.

Stella Lyu

I embarked on the journey seeking the truthful self and peace of mind, hoping to wave goodbye to my lifelong fears. I am thankful to have Erna accompanied, guided and supported me all along. The conversations led by Erna helped me recognize the events that prevented me from seeing my genuine qualities. I have discovered the inner strength to embrace and nourish my complete self. For me, it has been the most introspective, intriguing and freeing experience.

Kathleen Mary

Thank you Erna, for creating this special intuitvie drawing for me. I love the way you tapped into my energy as you randomly used colors without looking at them. I feel that your drawing described my spirit very well. It was such a magical experience and you are a very intuitive lady. I can't wait to do it again... Thanks for explaining the meaning that the colors and lines represent. It was like a story behind the drawing.

Alli McDonald

In our sessions Erna told me that I had 5 angels watching over me, guiding me. She mentioned that they will help give me ideas. We talked about how important it is to be able to receive. And how much fun it is once you open up to it! We talked about manifestations that have taken place and manifestations to come. Erna was the one, who through the sessions, said I had creative energy and to draw that out more! And I have and I am using it to work on projects close to my heart! Thank you!