The mind is a beautiful tool, a powerful tool and it is all yours. Most of us think we are loud and clear in what we want, but the mind says otherwise. It has rules that it uses and the first one is that it has only one job and that is to keep you alive on this planet avoiding pain, so it does what it thinks you want it to do and what it thinks is in your best interest.

Imagine your only job is to keep another human alive on this planet avoiding pain as long as possible. What would you do if this human keeps telling you that their job is killing them, that they hate their job, that the commute to their job is a nightmare, that their boss is the devil incarnate? Me, I would try to get my human out of there as soon as possible!

If it is not possible to get my human to stay away from their job, then I have this great solution….I will make them sick. Give them food poisoning or a migraine or a cold that causes a full blown flu. And that is exactly what the mind does when it detects pain. Now this is a simple example, but what if you suffered from trauma/abuse in your early years? The pain can be unbearable and your mind has to come up with the most ingenius things to get you to go on.

It can make you gain weight to disguise your beauty, it can give you a rash so you do not have to get out of the house, or a migraine, an addiction to numb the pain, insomnia, infertility. You name it and your mind can come up with it. Now this may seem quite hopeless, but you can learn to communicate with your mind. To tell it that maybe at that time you needed the mind to come up with the issue at hand, but now you are not in need of it anymore.

Marisa Peer, founder of the RTT method, says following about another rule of your mind: “Your mind responds to the pictures you make in your head and the words you say to yourself”. Take a moment to do this little test; say only negative, hurtful words to yourself like “you idiot”, “moron”, “you’re useless”, “you can’t do anything right”. You will notice that you feel down, those words get to you. And then say only positive, uplifting words to yourself like “you’re amazing”, “you can do anything you want”, “you matter”, “you’re beautiful”. This time you will notice a totally different vibe.

Going back to the words my human said in the beginning, killing, nightmare, hate, devil….those are strong words and we use them on a daily basis without even a thought and we all have pictures that go with those words. Changing those pictures and words and making better ones will upgrade your mind. You do the same for everything else, your car, your laptop, your phone, so why not the most powerful tool that you own? I know my human has nothing to lose…..