Your Transformation Experience

Do you lack confidence?

Do you tend to sabotage yourself and procrastinate?

Do you often feel you are not good enough and do you want to change that once and for all, but you don’t know how?


So recognizable and often dismissed with a “this is who I am”, “I am just not good in…. (fill in the blanks)” or “well I am just an introvert”. All good reasons of course, but do they have to stop you from being awesome, feeling enough or taking action to move forward?

Do you really want to transform your life and become free of the burden of those beliefs?

 What does it mean to you knowing it is within your grasp?

 Does that give you freedom?

 How would your life look like when you would change those beliefs?

 Who else will benefit from that change besides you?

Transform through RTT

In my program Your Transformation Experience I will be your guide in your journey to transformation.

After an Icebreaker Session you will be directed to the intake procedure, where we will lay the foundation for your Experience.


What can you expect from this Experience?


One RTT session, where we go to the root cause of why certain beliefs are present in your life, bringing you understanding. With that understanding comes power, comes freedom. We are going to smash those old beliefs and replace them with new ones.


During the next 21 days I will guide and coach you in weekly check-ins and support via Messenger.


On day 28 after the session we will have a 1-hour evaluation session via Zoom where we will decide on further actions if needed.


As a bonus you will receive a 21-day transformation journal ánd I will make a personalized transformation audio for you that you can listen to via your own account on our client portal.

 Click the button below to get started and take that step to transformation and growth.

BADASS Speaking Public Mini-Program

Coming Soon

RTT can help public speaking