Health & Balance Through Energy Mastery


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In this 6-week 1-on-1 programme I will teach you how trauma and illness affect the energy systems in our body and I will give you the knowledge and understanding on how you can start your healing journey. I will also give you exercises and meditations that you will be able to carry on using throughout your life, whenever needed.

This is a deep total body and energy systems programme, which will come with a thorough and complete handbook. Each week you will receive a chapter of it.

The following are the subjects you will learn about every week:


2-Sickness, Health and Balance

3-The Aura

4-The Chakras

5-Hara Line and Source Star

6-Guides and Interaction Cords

After the programme you will find that you are energized, more yourself and in control of your life. You will feel at peace, confident and resilient and you will feel good about yourself, because you will have found balance within. Instead of feeling like a failure or a dork you will be able to say: I love who I am, I am proud of and happy with what I have accomplished, I am a great example for my kids. And you will see a clear change in your relationships with your family, friends, colleagues or your, because of better communication. Because of the transformation you undergo, you will be able to create a bubble of harmony and balance at home, which changes your partner’s behavior and that of your children if you have any. So it is not only you who will benefit greatly from this knowledge and these tools.